EMBL Council Meeting There are two Council meetings per year – one in summer, one in winter

EMBL is an inter-governmental organisation with more than 20 member states, two associate members and one prospect member that is led by the Director General, Prof. Edith Heard, appointed by EMBL Council. Council is composed of all member states of the Laboratory. Each member state is represented by up to two delegates, who may be accompanied by advisers. Council ensures that the financial requirements of the agreement establishing EMBL and of the agreements with host member states are complied with.

The Finance Committee assists the Council in the financial management and control of the EMBL.

Council establishes a Scientific Advisory Committee that gives advice to Council, in particular with regard to proposals from the Director General on the realisation of the programme of the Laboratory. The Scientific Advisory Committee is composed of distinguished scientists appointed in their own right, not as representatives of member states.

The Administrative Director is responsible for providing administrative services to all members of personnel of the organisation at all six EMBL sites.

The Director assists and advises the Director General. In addition, he oversees Alumni Relations and Resource Development.

The Director International Relations assists and advises the Director General in all matters linked to international relations and is responsible for shaping and implementing the external relations strategy for the organisation.

The Director General is supported by the Directorate.