Evolutionary analysis of DNA and amino acid sequences

Our research concentrates on the mathematics and statistics of data analyses that use evolutionary information in sequence data and phylogenies to infer the history of living organisms, to describe and understand processes of evolution and to make predictions about the function of genomic sequence. The group maintains a balance between phylogenetic methodology development; the provision of these methods to other scientists via stand-alone software and web services; and applications of such techniques, focusing on comparative genomics and the bulk analysis of biological sequence data. The group has traditionally been strong in examining the theoretical foundations of phylogenetic reconstruction and analysis; more recently, we have gained expertise with Next Generation Sequencing data.

Goldman Group

Selected publications

Kosiol, C., Goldman, N., 2011. Markovian and non-Markovian protein sequence evolution: aggregated Markov process models. J. Mol. Biol. 411, 910-923.

Löytynoja, A., Goldman, N., 2010. webPRANK:  a phylogeny-aware multiple sequence aligner with interactive alignment browser. BMC Bioinformatics 11, 579.

Washietl, S., Findeiß, S., Müller, S.A., Kalkhof, S., von Bergen, M., Hofacker, I.L., Stadler, P.F., Goldman, N., 2011. RNAcode: robust discrimination of coding and noncoding regions in comparative sequence data. RNA 17, 578-594.