EMBL, ESRF and the Regional Centre for Biotechnology (RCB), New Delhi, INDIA, share a Memorandum of Understanding agreement to run the BM14 bending magnet beamline at the ESRF for the period 2015-2016.

This beamline is specialised in the Multiple/Single anomalous Diffraction methods (MAD/SAD) and is particularly suited to measure very low anomalous signal from crystallized macromolecules that will enable scientists to determine the 3D structural details.

Beamline instrumentation permits also to measure ultralow resolution data (up to 300 A) with a dedicated fully motorized beamstop.

Finally a Humidity controlled device is available for scientist willing to improve diffraction power of their samples via controlled hydration or dehydration processes at room temperature

Beamtime access is provided to the EMBL, the ESRF and the Indian MX communities.

Additional information can be obtained from the beamline responsible Hassan Belrhali.


Hassan Belrhali
Staff Scientist
Babu A. Manjasetty 
Staff Scientist 

Please visit the Beamline 14 website