We welcome applications from highly qualified students of all nationalities. Applicants must hold, or anticipate receiving before enrolment, a university degree that would formally qualify them to enter a PhD or equivalent programme in the country where the degree was obtained. All applications need to be supported by a minimum of two academic reference letters and are evaluated solely on the basis of qualification and scientific potential.

PhD candidates with prior EMBL association

EMBL welcomes visitors, interns, trainees, master rotation/thesis students and other scientists who are associated with EMBL for training purposes.

Candidates who have previously been associated with EMBL are welcome to apply. To ensure equal treatment of all applicants to the EIPP, candidates with prior EMBL association will be specifically reviewed by the Graduate Committee.

Candidates are considered to have prior EMBL association if:

  • they have been associated with EMBL within the 12 months before the application deadline.
  • they have been associated with EMBL during any time of the predoctoral recruitment procedure (from the application deadline until the date of the Initial Admission Assessment)

Please do not hesitate to contact the EMBL International PhD Programme for any further questions.